How it works

For Buyers

  1. Browse: Look through our broad assortment of beautiful furniture and home accessories
  2. Request to buy the product before someone else gets to it! Your card is only charged once the seller confirms within 24 hours of your request
  3. Set a date for delivery using either our delivery or pickup options. If using pickup, our team will verify the condition of your item and ensure that it matches the listing description.
  4. Enjoy your new furniture. You have a 24 hour window to let us know if there are any defects. If there are issues we’ll work with you to provide a full refund! Sit back, relax and enjoy your new furnishings!

For Sellers

  1. List the items you want to sell. We make it a simple 3-minute process to list your furniture. All it takes is a few quick photos and a description – we do the rest!
  2. Confirm any purchase requests. Interested buyers will submit purchase requests. Confirm within 24 hours to avoid cancellation.
  3. Confirm delivery time and day. Our delivery team will visit you, inspect the item and transport it to the buyer. If the buyer opts to pick it up themselves, we will match your schedule with theirs to arrange an appropriate time. As we hold their cash in escrow, there is little risk of last minute cancellation or no shows.
  4. Get paid. Payment is processed at the time of pick up through our partners at PayPal and is deposited into your account within 24-48 hours. It’s simple, safe and secure.