Why sell on Swifter?

Selling on Swifter has several advantages:
• Ease of listing: We make the selling process quick and easy for users. It takes an average of 3 minutes to list an item of furniture. Just take a picture, write a short description and viola!
• Sell for more: Sellers make 40% more money on average when listing through Swifter versus comparable sites. This is, in part, due to our process of marketing your items to an audience that is local and likely to be receptive to the style of furniture
• Fewer home visits: 80% of our sales are done via our delivery team, so there is no interaction involving the buyer visiting your home
• Direct payment: Funds are sent through our secure payments platform and held in escrow until both sides clear the transaction. This means certainty of payment for you, the seller as well as no need to handle cash
• Price consultations: Using our algorithm based on historical sales data, we help you achieve the best price for your item(s)

How does delivery by Swifter Delivery Team work?

At checkout, you can choose to use our delivery service instead of going through the hassle of organising it yourself. Our delivery rates have been negotiated to provide members with a very competitive market rate.

When you choose our delivery service, you will be asked to choose a minimum of three potential delivery windows over the next week. The seller of your item will be given a range of windows based on your choices, and choose the one that works best for them. You will receive confirmation of the final delivery window within 24 hours of your purchase.

If for any reason none of the listed dates work, please contact us at hello@swifter.com.au and we will work with you to find a convenient date and time. Please note that our delivery partners do hold us to a minimum 4-hour window. We will take care of coordinating the pick up from the seller’s home and all the paperwork required to make the delivery happen. All you have to do is wait for your delivery during the confirmed delivery date and time window.

What items can I buy or sell on Swifter?

Swifter is a marketplace for preowned home furnishings and accessories. All items listed on Swifter must be clean and in good, useable condition.

Swifter does not facilitate the sale of bathroom and kitchen goods or used mattresses, for hygiene and safety reasons.

Violation of these guidelines will result in disciplinary action, ranging from the removal of the listing to restricting your future buying and selling privileges on Swifter.

What is Swifter’s Return Policy?

As a starting point, all sales are non-refundable. We will, however, issue a refund if goods are found to be damaged, not as described, or has gone missing.

Please contact us within 24 hours of receipt or anticipated receipt of your item(s) at hello@swifter.com.au and we’ll help you resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Where do you operate?

Swifter is currently operating in Melbourne and Sydney, with plans to expand to other major cities in the near-term. In certain circumstances, we may arrange for delivery outside of these cities. Please e-mail us at hello@swifter.com.au to discuss this process.

What is Swifter?

Swifter is the easiest and most reliable way to buy and sell quality used furniture. Whether it’s purchasing stylish furnishings from others in your city or selling furniture to de-clutter, Swifter offers a seamless process to do either.

Swifter is a platform where our members can buy and sell with confidence, and without hassles. We handle the delivery and transit insurance of each transaction, so you can shop and sell with ease.

What are the fees for selling on Swifter?

Listing on Swifter is completely free. For services rendered in editing your listing images, coordinating delivery or pickup of your item, servicing as your personal customer service department, promoting your item and handling the financial transaction and associated fees, we take a 20% commission from your earnings. 80% of the sale price will be deposited into your account. Sales via our platform generate 40% more money for sellers than on an equivalent site elsewhere.